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IGU-CGE Conference 2016

Main conference in Singapore, 14 – 16 August 2016
Fieldtrip and special symposium in Shanghai, 17 – 19 August 2016

The theme of the conference is Geography that matters – empowering learners for a diverse world. As a prelude to the main congress theme of Shaping our harmonious worlds, the organizers are proposing that a deeper understanding of the diversities in our world will be a necessary condition to shape our harmonious future.

The IGU-CGE 2016 conference is organized by the Southeast Asian Geography Association in collaboration with the Geography Teaching Society of China. The conference features an interesting transect from Singapore to Shanghai, and for delegates going to the main congress, onwards to Beijing. True to the nature of Geography, the programme allows the delegates an opportunity to engage a diversity of landscape and contexts while discussing key issues of geography education.

The main conference will take place in Singapore (15 – 16 August 2016) followed by a fieldtrip to Hangzhou and Suzhou with a special symposium held at East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai (17 – 19 August 2016). The field visit will include a stroll along the West Lake with a local guide from ECNU, before heading on to Shanghai for the special symposium the next day. On 18 August, there will be a special symposium on “Geography that matters – achieving the capability of solving problems” with special sessions to understand the state of geography education in China as well as a visit to the Geography Education Laboratory and school visits. This will be followed by a sightseeing tour of Shanghai. On 19 August, the delegation will visit the ancient town Tongli that is in Suzhou.
Delegates who intend to join the main congress will then travel to Beijing on 19 August on 5 hour high-speed rail.

Delegates will have one of 3 options:

  1. Attend both Singapore and Shanghai legs before heading to Beijing
  2. Attend Singapore conference only
  3. Attend both Singapore and Shanghai legs but leave from Shanghai.

Details on call for papers and registration process are available at www.seaga.info/events/forthcoming-events/igu-cge-2016.

For information on the Main Congress In Beijing, please visit www.igc2016.org.


2015 Moscow IGU Congress

We are pleased to announce a range of Commission sessions on Geography Education have been accepted into the Moscow Programme. Full details can be found on the Congress website but to whet your appetite session titles include:

  • Geography Teacher Education: the need for a well-prepared professional body of knowledge.
  • Geospatial technologies in geographical education: implications for geographical lessons.
  • Integrated school discipline and geography: new challenges and capacities.
  • National curricula and international standards for geography education.
  • National and international assessment in geography education.
  • Empirical and classroom research in geography education
  • International links and innovations in geography education
  • Sharing the Russian experience in geography education and making connections for schoolteachers
  • Special session about The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU).

We like to bring all sessions under the umbrella of the Commission on Geographical Education to avoid confusion and to optimize discussion. The session about The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) is organised together with Professor Benno Werlen (IYGU), Professor Vladimir Kolossov (IGU), Professor Henk Ottens (EUGEO) and Karl Donert (EUROGEO). The panel discussion in this session will focus on the role for geography education in the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU).

  2014 IGU Regional Conference, Krakow Poland - Commission for Geography Education

Please find below the 4 sessions proposed for the Commission for Geography Education. When registration opens, we invite colleagues to submit abstracts for these sessions via the main conference website: www.igu2014.org.
Select title to view Submission Form (pdf).

Session 1 : Changes, Challenges and Responsibility in the School Geography Curriculum
Many countries around the world have established a state-wide curriculum statement for school geography. Questions can be raised around what should be included in such a state-endorsed definition of school geography and what should be left out? What geography should young people be learning? And whose responsibility is it to decide? State endorsement can lead to status and prestige for a school subject; however, many teachers are unhappy with the geography curriculum they have been given. Papers are invited to explore the contents of the school geography curriculum, along with issue of how that curriculum is read, interpreted and enacted by geography teachers.

Session 2 : Changing practices in geography education: meeting the challenges of the future
The Rome Declaration on Geographical Education in Europe states: “Geographical education provides students with essential capabilities and competences needed to know and understand the world”. The challenge for geography educators is how to teach geography effectively in this day and age. Research in this area may look at geographical enquiry, innovative pedagogical approaches to teaching geography, or curriculum questions about the role of geography education in the teaching of sustainable development or geospatial technologies. Papers are invited to consider the future implications of these approaches and how they can develop the field of geography education to meet the demands of the future.

Session 3 : Research findings and challenges in Geography Education
The publication of the Road Map report on Geography Education Research (in the USA) raised many issues around the role and function of geography education research. The papers in this series provide an opportunity to discuss the key topics in geography education research: what has been learnt from research in this field, and what further research needs to be conducted? A key theme in this series of papers will be who undertakes research in the field, and whether there is space in such a small field for practitioner and large-scale research, and how different research approaches may complement each other.

Session 4 : IGU, EUGEO and EUROGEO, a challenging network of Geographers in Education
The Rome Declaration on Geographical Education in Europe agreed at the IV EUGEO Congress 2013, states that “the teaching of Geography in schools is fundamental for the future of Europe.” Papers in this session are invited to explore how the three organizations: IGU, EUGEO and EUROGEO, may work together to create a network of geographers in education to realize this goal. 

  2014 IGU Regional Conference Kraków, Poland, 18 - 22 August, 2014

The main theme of the conference is Changes, Challenges, Responsibility. Modern geography faces significant challenges focusing on the recognition of and response to contemporary changes in the environment, society and economy. All this calls for our responsibility. The conference aims to create a forum at which these issues can be addressed. It is open to all geographers across the spectrum who specialize in all fields of the discipline. The conference is going to be an event contributing to efforts undertaken, for example, by ICSU/ISSC Future Earth, and aimed at defining pathways towards sustainability and responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change.

Kraków, the former capital of Poland, is the seat of the second oldest university in Central Europe, established in 1364. The Jagiellonian University is the seat of the first ever Chair of Geography in Poland, established in 1849.

Visit the conference website.

The Main Square in Kraków
(source: Foto Polska)

2013 Kyoto Regional Conference

The Kyoto Regional Conference will be held from August  4-9, 2013. The main theme of the conference is ”Traditional Wisdom and Knowledge for the Earth’s Future”. The Organizing Committee invites all interested participants to submit abstracts for the oral and paper presentation. The deadline for abstract submission is January 15, 2013. The early registration fee  from October 1, 2012 – April 10, 2013 is 49.000 Yen (which is at this moment approximately € 500 and $ 625). For more information see http://www.igu-kyoto2013.org/

Special extract: the IGU-CGE Sessions


Announcement April 30 2013

Dear Colleagues
Many of us are in the process of registering for the Kyoto conference (Monday August 5 to Friday August 9) as well as booking our flights and accommodation.
It is therefore timely to thank our Japanese colleagues, and in particular Dr Koji OHNISHI (University of Toyama), for arranging a special two day event over the weekend following the conference (Friday August 9 and Saturday August 10) during which we can focus specifically on geographical education as well as network with old and new friends away from the business of the main conference.

In planning your flights and accommodation, please allow extra time to join us for these two days. We attach a flyer for the CGE event, and please note that we do not have to pay in advance but will pay at the conference in cash when we arrive in Kyoto.

If you require an official invitation or confirmation to cover your attendance for the extra time for your university, please let Clare, Joop or I know and we will write a letter on your behalf.

Looking forward to seeing as many Geographical Educators as possible in Kyoto for what is looking like a most interesting and rewarding experience.
Regards and best wishes

Joop, Clare and John


IGU-CGE Special Field Trip flyer (PDF)


IGU Congress and Pre-Congress Commission on Geographical Education Symposium, August 2012

The major international pre-congress meeting of the Commission on Geographical Education (IGU – CGE) in Freiburg, Germany (August 22-25, 2012) and the Main Congress of the International Geographical Union (IGU-IGC) in Cologne, Germany (August 26-30, 2012) are now just one year away.

We encourage you to participate in both meetings. Each offers focused geographical education sessions, compelling keynote presentations, and opportunities to interact with colleagues from around the world.

To facilitate participation in both the Commission on Geographical Education (CGE) and the IGU meetings, there is a field experience planned from Freiburg to Cologne (including a boat trip on the Rhine) which is included in the pre-congress fee. The plan is to attend the pre-congress meeting in Freiburg, August 22-25, then travel with the Commission to Cologne to attend the main congress, August 26-30.

For detailed information, please visit the conference websites:

1. The Pre-Congress in Freiburg:

The call for papers for the IGU-CGE symposium in Freiburg/Germany (August 22nd-25th, 2012) is now open. See: home.ph-freiburg.de/geo/igu/Papers.html. The organizing committee has prepared a great program that includes exciting social events and field trips. We are looking forward to welcoming many of you.

2. 32nd Internatiola Congress of the IGU in Cologne:

The call has beenn made for papers for the 32nd International Congress of the IGU in Cologne (August 26-30, 2012). See:

The sessions that concern geographical education are listed under C08.11 Geographical Education.
The ten sessions can be seen here.

The Deadlines are:
• Pre-conference in Freiburg: the call for Papers will end on the 1st of December 2011.
• Main Congress in Cologne: the call for Papers will end on the 15th December 2011.

2012 International Geography Olympiad

The next International Geography Olympiad is to be in Cologne in Germany. The 2012 Olympiad will start at August 21st and end on August 26th. The local organisers can host 30 teams. Alongside the written test, a multimedia test and a one full day fieldwork excursion are part of the programme. Invitations for the 2012 Olympiad are being sent to participants of earlier Olympiads and to IGU contacts. Applications should be sent to the Secretariat by January 1th, 2012. The local organising committee in Germany is already preparing the accommodation and the programme. More information can be found on the Olympiad website at www.geoolympiad.org.

IGU CGE Symposium, London, United Kingdom, 2011

The British Committee of the IGU CGE are organising a Commission on Geographical Education Symposium in the heart of London, UK.

It follows the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference (April 15th-16th, 2011 at the University of Surrey).

IGU CGE London Symposium date: April 18th-20th, 2011.

Venue: Institute Of Education, University of London, London, United Kingdom.

Theme: ‘Curriculum Making in Geography’.
An outline of the Symposium theme is given on the website.

Website: www.igu-cge-uk.webs.com/londonsymposium2011.htm


IGU-CGE Symposium in Turkey, July 8th-10th, 2010


The IGU Commission on Geographical Education is announcing a symposium (CGE Symposium-2010) to be held on July 8-10, 2010 at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey. The symposium will bring together experts from around the world to present the latest research results and developments in geographical education.
IGU CGE Symposium-2010 is organized in cooperation with EUROGEO and geography departments at Fatih University and Bal©•kesir University. Being the 2010 European Capital of Culture, Istanbul will provide participants an opportunity not only to discuss scientific issues but also to explore the historic city and experience the energetic and modern city of Istanbul through the various tours.
We would like to invite you to present a paper or poster at the symposium whose main theme is “Representations of cultural differences through geographical education”. Please see the details from the symposium webpage http://igucge2010.fatih.edu.tr/
Please note that symposium language is English. Send us your abstracts through the online registration form for oral and poster presentations until March 15, 2010.
Looking forward to meeting you in Istanbul in July.

Symposium Program (PDF)

Ali Demirci, Ph.D.
Symposium Secretary
IGU-CGE Symposium-2010
Fatih University
Department of Geography
34500, Buyukcekmece
Phone: 90 212 866 33 00 (20 30)
Fax: 90 212 866 34 02
e-mail: ademirci@fatih.edu.tr

IGU Regional Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 12th-16th, 2010

The Regional Conference title is: Bridging Diversity in a Globalizing World.? The deadline for the submission of Conference abstracts is 1 February 2010, and details are posted on the Conference website at: www.igu2010.com.The Commission programme will be organised through our assigned host Professor Arnon Medzini.  His contact details are Dean of Social Sciences, Oranim College, Kiryat Tivon, Israel.? His email address is:arnon@oranim.ac.il

More information


29-31 July, 2007
Geographical Views on Education for Sustainable Development

Sponsored by: International Geographical Union Commission for Geographical Education, Teacher Training University, Lucerne, and University of Education, Weingarten under the leadership of Dr. Sibylle Reinfried s.reinfried@bluewin.ch and Dr. Yvonne Schleicher schleicher@ph-weingarten.de
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
With a post-conference three day field trip to the Alps, 1 August-3 August
Deadlines: Delegates who wish to present a paper are requested to register and send their abstracts by December 22nd, 2006; 18 February, 2007 deadline for registration and payment of conference and field trip fee.
For further information: Please visit the conference website at http://www.igu-cge.luzern.phz.ch or contact the conference secretariat, Ms Franziska Mueller (info@igu-cge.luzern.phz.ch).

15 -18 August, 2007
International Forum on Regional Centers of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

The United Nations University (UNU) has implemented the programme on education for sustainable development (EfSD programme) through its Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) since 2003 to promote the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). UNU proposed to develop regional centres of expertise on education for sustainable development (RCEs) as one of the major thrusts of its EfSD programme, and has been promoting establishment of RCEs around the world. Ten RCEs around the world have been acknowledged.
RCE Beijing as the candidate has done a lot of work for the development of ESD in Beijing area and made much progress and also met many challenges. Taking these into account, it was considered most effective that the acknowledged RCEs as well as other RCE candidates would gather, exchange information and experiences on their RCE activities, and discuss the problems they have faced and ways to overcome them.
Sponsored by: International Geographical Union Commission for Geographical Education, United Nations University, Beijing Normal University, Changping Education Committee
Location: Beijing, China
Deadlines: The organizing committee cordially invite submissions of the papers to International Forum on RCE about ESD that will be held in Beijing, 15th to 18th, 2007. This forum is served to promote the research and practice about Regional Centers on Education for Sustainable Development . Call for Papers, June 15, 2007. See http://www.wangminedu.com/RCE%20FORUM/callforpapers.htm
Details: http://www.wangminedu.com/RCE%20FORUM/background.htm
Registration: http://www.wangminedu.com/RCE%20FORUM/registration.htm
For further information: Professor Wang Min wangmin@bnu.edu.cn

12-15 August, 2008
The 31st Congress of the International Geographical Union

Download the First Circular | Download the Statement of Intention to Participate (mail to Toumi@fshst.rnu.tn)


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